Wiring, soldering, and some swearing maybe

So the parts are here and the fan is blowing my mind. It is tiny! First thing is first start wiring it up and testing.


We have to have power so lets start with the battery. This is a 11.1V LiPo battery with two power leads. I connected this to our ESC but with a switch in between. I mentioned this before but you do not want to have a circuit that is live all the time unless you undo the battery each time. So if you can find a small SPST switch lying around that is perfect. SPST means Single Pole Single Throw, or, one switch closes or opens one conductor. I put this switch right on our negative lead of the battery. Now, the HPI Savage had 4 AA's powering the receiver and its servos, but I dont want to use more batteries in the car when I have one already so lets tie the Receiver into this connection here as well. I cut the AA pack's power connector and wiring off and tied the negative to the switch as well.

This is getting nuts. Let me upload a schematic of what I have done. I am sorry but i got a little over zealous and didnt take any pictures of the progress. You know how it is when you get going on something. You dont think to stop and take pictures of each step until you are all done and its all sealed up.




So those are the individual pieces. How do you like my artwork? Now lets look below to see how I have these wired up.


   The Venom battery Negative lead is going to one side of our switch while coming off the other side is our ESC negative lead and our Receiver Negative lead.

   Our positive lead from the LiPo is going to our ESC and Receiver Directly. However if you will notice I have some resistors tied in series to the receiver line. Let me explain. As I said about the AA's and not wanting to add more, I decided to use the power coming from the LiPo which is providing 11.1V which I am afraid would cook our receiver. I did however have some 2.2M resistors in 1/2 watt carbon film type. And after some trial and error with a multimeter I found that 4 in series would drop our voltage to about ~7V. Nice!

   Plug the three conductor wire from the ESC into the desired channel on the receiver. In my case this was channel 2 as the Radio is broadcasting the throttle on that channel. We will not be needing any other channels unless you feel inclined to add some extras. If I had more time I would love to add the Dixie horn and brakes on a couple of other channels. If I can cram that in I will post that in an edit.

   The curly wire coming off my picture of the receiver is our antenna wire. Dont actually coil this. I lost reception bad with this. There is a method to making a coiled antenna on an iron core that works but I will have to research that more later on.

   The fan was a funny story with wiring.  TIP: Use some alligator ended test leads to test this. Online I found a few places that said to wire it up and see what happens. If it is spinning the wrong direction then reverse two of the three wires and that should reverse the direction.Once you get this wired up hit your switch and if your ESC is like mine it may actually cause the motor to beep! I dont know how that magic happens but it will beep at on and intermittently until it picks up a signal from the Radio. Turn on the radio, BUT FIRST,  remember that our Radio's trigger at resting position is transmitting a 50% signal. Push your trigger out to braking position to send a 0% signal to the ESC. Otherwise your fan will do what mine did!   TIP: Secure the fan!  Imagine my surprise when I fired this dude off and it flew off the desk like a rocket!

   This fan is incredible! So much thrust from a tiny 27mm fan is mindblowing. I now want to get a bigger one just to see what kind of thrust those produce.

Suggestions, Ideas, or comments welcome.

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