This is a list of all projects currently in progress. You can find their project logs below along with the members who are working on them.

Projects by Eureka:

DIY Multi Touch by Eureka using a PS3 eye webcam and IR lasers! It runs Linux, will have a custom GUI and will also be tied into Home Automation.

RGB LED Light Bars from DealExtreme. Currently a work in progress, project will allow you to use an arduino to control several 12v LED bars via computer or from sound/music.

Home automation systems - Exploring small wireless (RF) modules for use in home automation and data collection (Motion sensors, temp, etc).

Misc Projector hacks - Replacing a bulb in a reflector, Multi-touch systems, lasers!

DIY Automated Herb Garden - Build an indoor garden and grow your own veggies and herbs in the dead of winter (or just 9 months out of the year here...).

Tardis Tree Topper - Built from Balsa wood and given pulsating RGB lights via an atmega168 (yes, its overkill!)

PFsense + ShrewSoft IPsec VPN - Build a Client Access VPN to your home or work using PFsense and ShreSoft VPN client.

Projects by EnigmaBuffer: